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Primarius Jezdimir Jančić earned his Doctor of Medical Sciences degree in 1925 at the University of Leipzig, Germany. After having his diploma recognized in Zagreb, he pursued specialized studies in the field of Oral and Dental Diseases under the renowned Prof. Dr. Franc Peter in Vienna.

Upon returning to Belgrade, he further honed his knowledge and skills under Dr. Carićević, eventually opening a dental practice in Kralja Milana 6 Street in Belgrade in 1929.

In 1933, Prim. Dr. Jančić, along with several other distinguished doctors, founded the Dental Section of the Serbian Medical Society. This section was remembered as the first specialized section in this part of Europe!

Over the years, as a member of the Section’s Board of Directors, he engaged in scientific research and eagerly shared new insights with his colleagues through lectures on topics that were highly unexplored for that time. The lectures of Primarius Jančić listed in the History of the Dental Section of the Serbian Medical Society include “On Periodontosis and Articulation Parts I and II” (1948), “Heritage in Dentistry” (1948), “Conclusion on the Etiology and Genesis of Periodontosis” (1949), “Enamel” (1958), “On the Classification of Caries” (1950), and more.

In 1948, Prim. Jančić was appointed editor of Folia Stomatologica, a journal whose establishment the Dental Section considered a significant achievement.

His career dynamic is evident from the excerpt from the book History of the Dental Faculty from 1948 to 1988:

“Dr. Jezdimir Jančić, a specialist in oral and dental diseases, was immediately appointed as the head of the Dental Military Clinic of the Belgrade City Command upon the liberation of Belgrade. The clinic, staffed by 80 doctors and 30 dental technicians, provided valuable professional dental care to soldiers. The following year, he was sent to the Soviet Union to familiarize himself with the organization of dental faculties and the general state of Soviet dentistry. Upon his return to Belgrade, he worked at the Military Medical Academy as the head of the Dental Department. He was then reassigned to the Dental Department of the Army Hospital in Zagreb.”

After demobilization and his return from Zagreb, thanks to his knowledge of 11 foreign languages, Primarius Jančić was appointed as a physician of the Diplomatic Corps at the DZ Ivan Milutinović until 1965 when he retired.

The time he spent and the interest he showed playing in the dental office of his grandfather, Jezdimir Jančić, could easily leave the impression that his grandson Zoran Vulićević would follow in his footsteps.

After completing his undergraduate, doctoral, and specialist studies, the grandson of Primarius became a full professor at the Faculty of Dentistry in Belgrade and an associate member of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the Serbian Medical Society.

From 1991 to 1997, as a young doctor, he perfected his skills in the office of one of the first post-war dentists, Dr. Trajković.

In 1997, Professor Dr. Vulićević founded the Excelsior Clinic, and just as he used to spend hours in his grandfather’s practice, history repeated itself, and the Professor received assistance and plenty of questions from his two future doctors, his children Tijana and Vojin.

Dr. Sci. Tijana Sessa graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Belgrade, where she later completed both doctoral and specialist studies at the Clinic for Orthodontics. During her studies, Dr. Tijana Sessa was awarded the title of the best student of her generation three times.

Dr. Vojin Vulićević, after completing his undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Dentistry in Belgrade, enrolled and successfully completed specialist studies in oral surgery at the Clinic for Oral Surgery of the Faculty of Dentistry in Belgrade.

After completing his undergraduate studies and residency, Dr. Vojin took over the Excelsior Clinic and gave it the family name – Vulićević Clinic.

Vulićević Dental Clinic Team

Prof. Dr. Zoran R. Vulićević
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Dr. Spec. Vojin Vulićević
Oral Surgery Specialist
Dr. Spec. Tijana Vulićević
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Dr. Spec. Jelena Čivović
Orthodontics Specialist
Dr. Spec. Srđan Stepanović
Periodontology and Oral Medicine Specialist
Dr. Spec. Jovan Anđelkov
Pediatric Dentistry Specialist
Jelena Obradović
Head Dental Nurse

Aleksandra Kovačević
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