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The Vulićević Dental Clinic is a multidisciplinary dental clinic from Belgrade, which has been caring for the health of your teeth and the beauty of your smile for 4 generations! Decades of experience and a team of specialists in various fields of dentistry enable us to provide optimal treatment and appropriate solutions.

prof dr zoran vulicevic

I am proud of the tradition spanning multiple generations and the experience behind the Vulićević Dental Clinic, but what truly delights me every day is the fact that our patients become our friends, and their healthy and radiant smiles are our greatest satisfaction.

Professor Dr. Zoran R. Vulićević

dr vojin vulicevic

The modern technologies implemented in the everyday dental practice of the Vulićević Clinic enable us to ensure that only the best is good enough for our patients.

Perfectionism is what every member of our team strives for, and the satisfaction of each patient is our ultimate goal.

Dr. Vojin Vulićević

The most advanced dental equipment

In the Vulićević clinic, we strive to have not only the latest knowledge but also the most advanced equipment to ensure that the most appropriate treatment, your satisfaction, and comfort are guaranteed as the ultimate result!

KaVo Dental: The German company KaVo has been a leader in the field of ergonomics and quality of dental equipment for many years. Patient comfort and equipment reliability must not compromise, and for these reasons, our clinics are exclusively equipped with KaVo dental units.

VDW.GOLD®: Machining with the VDW.Gold Reciproc system is synonymous with success and reliability when it comes to therapy for infected root canal treatment.

PIEZOSURGERY® touch: Thanks to the revolutionary device from MECTRON, maximum surgical precision with minimal invasiveness is now available.

AIR-FLOW® PROPHYLAXIS MASTER: The latest generation of devices and protocols from the Swiss company EMS enables us to provide the most effective and reliable prophylactic treatment for diseases of the supporting dental apparatus.

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