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najbolji implanti u beogradu
straumann zubni implanti

Straumann implants represent the most effective solution in modern dentistry for missing teeth. Precision-engineered, these implants serve as replacements that fully mimic the function of natural tooth roots, providing a sense of natural dentition when combined with prosthetic restorations.

The role of implants in smile reconstruction can vary, as they are used to replace individual teeth or serve as the foundation for larger prosthetic restorations. Implantation is performed under local anesthesia and is entirely painless.

Vulićević Dental Clinic exclusively utilizes the implantology system from the Swiss manufacturer Straumann.

Over 20 years of successful collaboration with the global leader in the field of implantology has led to Vulićević Dental Clinic being recognized as their official partner.

Therapy of peri-implantitis

The occurrence of peri-implantitis results in subsequent loss of implant stability and treatment effectiveness!

Our surgical team in our clinic is at your disposal with the latest knowledge in the field of causal and regenerative therapy for peri-implantitis.

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