profilaksa peri-implantitisa

Prevention of peri-implantitis

The occurrence of peri-implantitis in today’s practice is increasingly present due to the lack of proper oral hygiene maintenance. The longevity of placed implants can be compromised by painless inflammatory processes around them. Thanks to state-of-the-art equipment, at Vulićević Dental Clinic, we strive to prevent the onset of this condition or, in case of initial symptoms, avoid the need for surgical treatment.

PERIOFLOW® is the most advanced method for peri-implantitis prevention, devised and constructed by the Swiss company EMS®, a leader in prophylactic treatments for periodontal diseases.

PERIOFLOW® features specially designed nozzles, which, with their shape and elasticity, enable safe access to the implant surface and surrounding tissue. These nozzles have three lateral and one apical opening that deliver special particles based on erythritol. These particles are significantly different from those of previously applied sodium bicarbonate. They are precisely shaped, with a size of 14 microns, and softer than titanium and surrounding soft tissues, ensuring the removal of deposits with certainty, while the implant surface and surrounding tissue remain absolutely unchanged.

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