Removal of hard and soft dental deposits

In order to maintain the health of your periodontal tissues or to prevent further progression of periodontal disease, it is necessary to remove all deposits that hinder the normal functioning of the tooth-supporting apparatus. In the Vulićević dental office, a team of periodontists equipped with state-of-the-art equipment is at your disposal! For more information about periodontal diseases, visit the periodontology link.

We apply the most advanced protocol for removing hard and soft dental deposits, the Guided Biofilm Therapy!

The therapy process consists of several phases: detection of dental plaque, removal of soft dental deposits, removal of hard dental deposits, polishing of treated teeth, and maintaining the results. A clearly defined sequence of phases and the state-of-the-art equipment required by this protocol make this treatment approach the most efficient and comfortable.

First, using special pigments, we detect dental plaque. By clearly detecting it, we are able to completely remove it and show you the quality of maintaining oral hygiene.

Next is the phase of removing soft dental deposits using abrasive particles under the pressure of a water jet. By using particles of different diameters, we can remove deposits above the gum line, as well as in the area of ​​the periodontal pockets.

Now that we have removed the soft deposits, we have a clear view of the localization and quantity of the present hard dental deposits. This helps us avoid excessive use of ultrasonic devices, making this approach far more comfortable than any other method of removing soft and hard dental deposits.

Polishing prevents food retention and the rapid formation of new deposits, while regular check-ups and re-treatments enable us to maintain the achieved results.

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