Endodontic Therapy

Endodontic therapy involves treating infected or inflamed pulp tissue. The interior of the tooth is filled with soft tissue, called pulp, which consists of a neurovascular bundle. When pulp disease occurs, timely intervention is necessary to prevent serious complications.

Mechanical Root Canal Treatment – VDW.GOLD RECIPROC® System

This system represents the latest achievement in mechanical root canal treatment worldwide. Produced by the German company VDW GmbH, a pioneer in the most advanced technological advancements in endodontics for 15 years.

Standardized instruments, clearly defined programs, and protocols have made VDW.GOLD RECIPROC® unmatched in endodontic treatment.

Vulićević Dental Clinic, to mutual satisfaction, has been recognized by VDW GmbH as the official representative for our country and region!

Our dentists are certified by the VDW Group for this type of therapy.

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