For a beautiful and healthy smile, healthy gums are also necessary!

Through detailed specialist examinations and in-office removal of soft and hard dental deposits, you can prevent the onset of diseases or control the existing condition of periodontal tissues.

Due to the presence of pronounced symptoms and significant loss of periodontal tissue support, at the Vulićević clinic, a team of periodontology and oral surgery specialists is at your disposal with the most advanced equipment and knowledge in the field of regenerative surgery.

In-office removal of soft and hard dental deposits

At the Vulićević clinic, we apply the most modern protocol for removing hard and soft dental deposits, the Guided Biofilm Therapy!

The therapy process consists of several phases: detection of dental plaque; removal of soft dental deposits, removal of hard dental deposits, polishing of treated teeth, and maintenance of results. A clearly defined sequence of phases and the most modern equipment required for this protocol make this treatment approach the most effective and comfortable.

Firstly, using special pigments, we detect dental plaque. With its clear detection, we are able to remove it completely and indicate to you the quality of oral hygiene maintenance.

Next is the phase of removing soft dental deposits using abrasive particles under the pressure of a water jet. By using particles of different diameters, we can remove deposits above the gum line as well as in the area of periodontal pockets.

Now that we have removed the soft deposits, we have a clear view of the localization and quantity of the present hard dental deposits. This approach helps us avoid excessive use of the ultrasonic device, making this method far more comfortable than any other form of removing soft and hard dental deposits.

Polishing prevents food retention and the rapid formation of new deposits, while regular check-ups and follow-up treatments allow us to maintain the achieved results!

Surgical therapy

Surgical therapy is necessary if inflammation persists even after in-office removal of deposits, as well as in cases of periodontal pockets

Gingival surgery

The need for this type of therapy arises in cases of deep and inaccessible periodontal pockets. By lifting the gums, our surgeons will, under controlled conditions, remove even the most inaccessible deposits.

Bone and soft tissue grafts

If the disease has progressed to the stage where there is destruction of the bone and soft tissue supporting the teeth, we apply guided tissue and bone regeneration techniques to restore the bone volume necessary for further rehabilitation of your smile.

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