Engaging in sports often poses a risk of jaw and tooth injury! Whether it’s you or your child involved, a sports mouthguard is a great choice for protection during athletic activities. At Vulićević Dental Clinic, we recommend mouthguards to our sporty/athletic patients.

A sports mouthguard is a plastic/rubber shield worn inside the mouth to protect the teeth. At Vulićević Clinic, we craft individual mouthguards tailored to your comfort during activities, as they are made to fit your bite, tooth shape, and mouth.

The benefits of mouthguards include:

  • Reduced risk of tongue, mouth, and lip injuries
  • Reduced risk of tooth fractures, dislocations, or injuries
  • Reduced risk of temporomandibular joint damage

Sports mouthguards benefit anyone who is physically active, not just professional athletes! Sports like football, basketball, hockey, boxing frequently use mouthguards, as do activities like gymnastics, skateboarding, and cycling.

Our patients receive their mouthguard in a single visit. The procedure itself is easy and painless. Our team of doctors will answer all your questions and clarify any concerns. Our clinic has protected the smiles of many celebrated athletes, and we’ll gladly do the same for you!

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