Jaw Orthopedics

In the Vulićević clinic, orthodontic specialists certified in the latest orthodontic treatments will ensure that your teeth are perfectly aligned regardless of your age!

Digital setup foils

In our clinic, you have the option of creating digital setup foils for tooth movement in cases of minor orthodontic anomalies.

This increasingly popular form of therapy is designed for patients with minor orthodontic irregularities, as well as those seeking a more discreet solution than conventional fixed braces.

By scanning impressions of your teeth and jaws, we obtain a 3D digital model. The software simulates the final result, and the analysis determines the number of foils required for successful therapy

Fixed orthodontic appliances

The Incognito™ lingual system

Incognito™ – represents the latest advancement in modern orthodontics! This system ensures absolute invisibility of the appliance during therapy, thanks to the fact that the brackets are placed on the inner side of the teeth. What makes this system exceptional is that each individual bracket is custom-made for each of your teeth, using 3D printing technology. The brackets are manufactured based on impressions of your teeth and jaws that we send to the 3M laboratory in Bad Essen (Germany). Precision is crucial for the entire process, so the brackets are made of gold alloy..

Due to the positioning of the brackets themselves, the Incognito™ system is the perfect solution for athletes (reduced risk of soft tissue injury), as well as for patients whose profession involves public appearances.

Incognito™ is the choice of those seeking a fast, efficient, comfortable, and completely invisible treatment!

Conventional metal fixed braces

These commonly used appliances enable quick and efficient correction through continuous force application. They utilize metal brackets, which are the standard when it comes to fixed appliances.

Esthetic fixed appliances

The esthetic alternative to metal brackets are brackets made of sapphire glass! These brackets, with their translucency, make orthodontic treatment more acceptable to adult patients.

Self-ligating fixed appliances (metal and aesthetic)

These appliances, in certain situations, enable faster treatment as well as easier maintenance of hygiene. Due to their design, there is no need for ligature ties, which not only increase friction but also provide a favorable environment for plaque accumulation.

Mini implants

To enhance the efficiency of orthodontic therapy and achieve faster results, Vulićević Dental Clinic utilizes mini implants.

Mini implants represent one of the most effective solutions in modern orthodontics!

Mini implants are inserted into the bone under local anesthesia, without the need for suturing surrounding soft tissues. Providing perfect anchorage, they make the therapy faster and better!

Mobile orthodontic appliances

Mobile orthodontic appliances allow us to address anomalies and intervene interceptively! This way, we prevent the full development of anomalies and shorten the time needed for complete smile rehabilitation!

In our clinic, we mostly use mobile orthodontic appliances in children to correct tooth positioning, bite, provide space for the eruption of permanent teeth, and prevent the development of more serious orthodontic irregularities. In adulthood, they can be applied to correct minor tooth positioning irregularities.

Functional appliances

By using functional appliances, our jaw orthopedics specialists effectively stimulate and guide jaw growth during the pre-pubertal and pubertal growth phases. This helps prevent the manifestation of a large number of anomalies.

Functional appliances can be mobile (such as twin block, m-block, monoblock) or fixed (herbst). Depending on the specific issue present, we opt for the most suitable and comfortable solution.

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