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The top-notch team of surgeons at the Vulićević dental clinic, thanks to their extensive experience, continuous improvement, and knowledge of the latest oral surgery procedures, is ready to provide you with the most appropriate and comfortable treatment.


For patients who require extensive and lengthy surgical interventions, as well as those who have pronounced fear of dentists, we offer the option of treatment under sedation supervised by a specialist anesthesiologist.

Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction represents an undesirable but sometimes necessary solution.

Depending on whether the tooth has fully erupted or is partially/fully “trapped” under the gums and bone tissue, two types of extraction are distinguished:

1. The usual type

2. Surgical type

Whether a surgical procedure is required or not, the procedure itself is entirely painless!

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

We often perform wisdom tooth extraction to resolve existing issues or prevent potential problems.

Although most commonly performed for orthodontic reasons, this surgical procedure is carried out whenever we conclude that the wisdom teeth have erupted or are erupting improperly. By “improperly,” we mean that:

  • They can be impacted (trapped in the bone) due to lack of space in the jawbone.
  • They can form a type of gum covering, partially covering the surface of the wisdom tooth crown, thereby forming a pocket that is prone to bacteria, leading to infection later on.
  • They can contribute to bone destruction and adjacent tooth damage due to their improper position.

Regardless of the indication reasons, our team of surgeons performs this intervention under local anesthesia, completely painless!


Sometimes, due to inadequate endodontic treatment or the specific structure of the tooth root canal, an inflammatory process occurs affecting the apex of the tooth root.

By resecting the root apex and curetting the process itself, our surgeons will remove the infection causative agent in an entirely painless and effective manner, preventing its further progression.

Bone Augmentation (Bone Grafting)

Today, at the Vulićević Clinic, we are able to replace lost bone to create conditions for successful reconstructive therapy! Bone grafts are used for this purpose.

By using artificial or autologous bone (Geistlich), we can compensate for the loss of alveolar bone caused by periodontal disease or subsequent resorption after tooth loss.

Bone augmentation is most commonly performed as a procedure to prepare for implant placement, which requires a certain dimension and density of the bone.

Sinus Lift

After bone resorption due to the loss of upper premolar or molar teeth, the bone separating the oral cavity from the maxillary sinus often becomes as thin as a shell. Such a situation represents an absolute contraindication for planning and implant placement.

The only solution in these cases is the bone grafting procedure, where bone is lifted under the sinus using autologous or artificial bone. This procedure is therefore called sinus lift or sinus elevation.

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