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The team at the Vulićević dental clinic, led by Prof. Dr. Zoran Vulićević (long-time head of the Department of Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry at the School of Dentistry, University of Belgrade), has decades of experience working with children. Through a systematic approach, minimally invasive treatments, and education on the importance of preventive measures, we aim to educate all our patients about procedures that will prevent potential adverse outcomes.

Timely introduction of a child to the environment and staff of the dental clinic is crucial in forming a healthy relationship between the child and the dentist, as well as towards all subsequent treatments. Pit and fissure sealing, local fluoride application, educational work with children and parents, and many other preventive measures are available to you to reduce the risk of caries lesions.

Thanks to modern diagnostic tools, early detection of caries in children allows us to avoid radical procedures.

Pediatric Dentistry – The Right Approach

We advise and urge all parents to bring their children for an “introduction” and “interaction” with their therapist as early as the age of 2.5-3 years, even when there is no need for any intervention. This way, the child becomes familiar with the dental practice as something interesting, pleasant, and PAINLESS.

In the Vulićević clinic during the “introduction” phase, parents can consult with a pediatric dentistry specialist on how best to help their child and train them for proper oral hygiene maintenance.

If there is a need for a specific therapy during the first visit, the Vulićević clinic and the team of doctors trained to work with children offer you and your child a range of minimally invasive and virtually painless methods.

Pit and fissure sealing

This type of treatment significantly reduces the likelihood of cavities forming on the sides of the teeth!

By applying special composites to the cracked spaces on the chewing surfaces of the teeth, we prevent food retention and thereby reduce the chances of cavities forming!

Local fluoride application

Thanks to the release of fluoride ions, this form of therapy positively affects enamel remineralization and prevents the formation and development of caries lesions, while also reducing the sensitivity of hypersensitive teeth!

Early detection of cavities

Metod transluminacij

Transillumination method

The LED light beam of the KaVoDialuX diagnostic device passes through the intact enamel unhindered, while the lesion absorbs the light and shortens its wavelength. This way, the light beam clearly marks where the tooth tissue is pathologically altered.

Digital radiography

“Radiographic diagnostics has always had a prominent role in dentistry. Its digitization has significantly improved image quality, while radiation levels have been minimized. In the Vulićević dental clinic, we have the most advanced digital dental radiographic equipment.”

The laser fluorescence method

After exposure to the laser light beam, the decayed dental tissue will emit light for a longer duration than the healthy tissue. This occurs because the decayed lesion exhibits greater fluorescence than healthy tissue. Based on this principle, the manufacturer KaVo developed DIAGNOdent, a diagnostic device that utilizes laser fluorescence to detect caries lesions.

The laser integrated into this diagnostic device emits light at a precisely determined wavelength, while the sensor detects changes that occur after the emission is completed. Learn more about this device at this link.

Pediatric Dentistry – Minimally Invasive Treatments

At Vulićević Clinic, thanks to modern diagnostic tools, early detection of cavities enables us to avoid radical procedures involving the removal of affected tooth tissue. In cases of initial cavities, we offer minimally invasive and painless treatments such as:

Watch the guest appearance of Prof. Dr. Zoran R. Vulićević on the show ‘Good to Know: Pediatric Dentistry’.

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